Fez Day Trips

Fez is the third largest city of Morocco, a popular tourist destination. Fez is separated into three parts namely Fez el Bali, Fez-Jdid and Ville Nouvelle. Fez el Bali is the old, walled city that is known for its architectural structures and also has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Fez-Jdid is newer and is famous for its beautiful locations that attract tourists, and the Ville Nouvelle is the French-created newest section of Fez which has developed as a modern commercial center.

Fez has many beautiful palaces, museums, monuments, medersas and mosques that attract and encourage the tourists to plan for Fez Tours. A Fez trip can give an exotic, fascinating, and memorable experience to the visitors from around the globe. The city of Fez consists of textile and flour mills, oil-processing plants, tanneries, soap factories, and a large handicraft industry. Tanneries of the fez are one of the most iconic sights of the city. Most of the famous leather products of Fez come from these tanneries. Fez Festival Of World Sacred Music is also a popular event that attracts numerous tourists to this beautiful city. Besides the city itself, a visitor can also explore the nearby places and go for various interesting trips from Fez. Some of the places that can be visited include:

Azrou: It is one of the famous Amazigh cities in Morocco. It is a very friendly Berber town that lies between steep wooded hills. The region is exceptionally beautiful and is famous for its green tiled roofs. Azrou has a tradition of weaving, and you can buy excellently woven blankets, rugs, carpets, and wooden craft materials.

Dayet Aoua: It is a lake in the mountains after Immouzer and before Ifrane. The lake area is very beautiful and is well worth a visit. It is surrounded by woodlands, and you can enjoy a walk along the lake shore. This area is a popular picnic destination of the tourists at weekends.

Immouzer: Immouzer is a small and beautiful Berber town with white buildings. It is hidden in the foot hills of the Atlas Mountains. You can enjoy the spectacular scenery of high and colorful mountains, palm groves, waterfalls, and green valleys here. Immouzer has a small local market every Thursday, and it is famous for its outstanding honey that is made from an exotic range of mountain flowers in the region.

Moulay Yacoub: It is a small mountain town just 20 km away from Fez. The spas in Moulay Yacoub are fed with natural hot spring water, and it is an excellent place for you to relax. There is also a luxury spa that offers a heated indoor pool, Jacuzzi and massages.

Sefrou: It is an ancient Jewish city which is around 28 km south of Fez. It is a nice place for a day trip and June is the perfect time to visit it as it is the time when the annual Cherry Festival is held in the city. You can join in the festivities and also participate in the procession to the tomb of Prophet Daniel.

Bhalil: It is a town in the north of Morocco which is popular for two reasons which includes the village itself with its well-kept houses and a seasonal river which runs through it. The other reason Bhalil is popular is its cave houses. These houses are cool in summers and also not too cold in winters. The cave houses are a must visit site for any visitor.

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